by vnknown

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released September 21, 2015


tags: acoustic folk




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Track Name: a. a season
it's been way too long
i shouldn't miss you anymore
but it seems like you've moved on
oh, i fell hard, but i don't know what for

and might you own my dreams at night?
the world is hollow, i've kissed the sky
i found a river, i wrote your name
and watched as it was swept away, away, away...
Track Name: 2'11
you tell me i am someone else like no one should change
but how can i make you see i can't stay the same?

it was only for a fight that i came
and i got just what i sought, ain't that a shame?
and you say it's over like it's just as well
but you're not the only one here, or can't you tell?

and i know

that you were so beautiful and out of control
like a butterfly on fire racing for your soul
like a firestorm, a hurricane, too much to behold
i can't keep holding onto you but still i find i can't let go

your tears reflected all the stars as each one fell
what can you do when the one who hurts you is the one you held?
there was nothing left to say, voices failed in turn
but the way i felt you break, who needed words?
Track Name: don't let the night hurt you anymore
i never pushed you away, you were running from me
i helped you stand from the start
but you still come to me when you stumble
and when you fall and scrape your heart

what else could i do?
what more could i do?
i could run away, or i could stay
and break my heart on you

i can see the murmurs of your lips
dark rhythms in your soul, your core
i can see the sadness in your eyes
don't let the night hurt you anymore
don't let the night hurt you anymore

i did what i could for you, held you when you cried
i felt the way you ached, so hollow inside
but you still pulled from me time after time
but then, i know how it feels to have to hide

but you're gone now
far away now
i couldn't make you stay
i'm not okay
but what else could i do?
Track Name: cricket
oh little cricket, what are you doing here
in the corner of my dark my little room
little cricket, you have nothing to fear
you can hide here, ain't no one gonna come for you

oh little sleeping one, resting sure in your dreams
sighing worlds away so gently
little sleeping one, nothing is quite as it seems
you don't know the night from the day

oh...little cricket, won't you sing me a song?
it's too quiet here for me to be alone
little cricket, the night is young, the night is long
come closer let me claim you as my own