don't let the night hurt you anymore

from by vnknown

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i never pushed you away, you were running from me
i helped you stand from the start
but you still come to me when you stumble
and when you fall and scrape your heart

what else could i do?
what more could i do?
i could run away, or i could stay
and break my heart on you

i can see the murmurs of your lips
dark rhythms in your soul, your core
i can see the sadness in your eyes
don't let the night hurt you anymore
don't let the night hurt you anymore

i did what i could for you, held you when you cried
i felt the way you ached, so hollow inside
but you still pulled from me time after time
but then, i know how it feels to have to hide

but you're gone now
far away now
i couldn't make you stay
i'm not okay
but what else could i do?


from 2'11x, released September 21, 2015


tags: acoustic folk




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